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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Checkmate in 4

White to move and checkmate in 4. No computer lines please.

6kB/1p3R1p/2b2nP1/5qn1/8/rQ6/r5R1/7K w - - 0 1

Andrey Filatov on decision to run for Vice President of FIDE

Andrey Filatov (photo by Russian Chess Federation)

The FIDE leadership elections will take place this August in Tromso, Norway during the World Chess Olympiad.

The FIDE President will be elected on 11 August, while the Vice Presidents will be elected on 12 August, with 180 delegates from national chess federations and FIDE members taking part in the voting process.

Andrey Filatov, President of the Russian Chess Federation, will run for Vice President as an independent candidate.

This will be the first time a Russian candidate has made a bid for Vice President since the democratic voting procedure was introduced.

Andey Filatov said “We have set ourselves the task of reviving the chess movement in Russia and actively promoting chess around the world, strengthening links with the national federations of other countries to jointly promote new projects. I hope the delegates of the FIDE Assembly will support our programme.”

“For many years Russia, which gave the world a host of brilliant champions, was famous for its school of chess and its chess traditions. Today all the prerequisites are in place for the revival of chess – not only in Russia, but around the world.”

“The Russian Chess Federation has come forward with a number of initiatives aimed at popularising the game and attracting masses of amateurs. We plan to actively promote the ‘Chess in Museums’ and ‘Chess in Schools’ programmes, open new Grand Master schools and chess clubs, and support the organising of high-profile chess tournaments. We are ready to share our experience with colleagues from other chess federations. Chess contributes to the all-round personal development of people and there must be demand for it in the modern world.”

“The language of chess is universal and is understood on all the continents. It contributes to fostering stronger relations between nations and can teach tolerance, fair play and respect for one’s opponent. Chess is an important part of the world’s culture. I have no doubt that together we can achieve outstanding success in developing the game and even in creating so-called ‘chess diplomacy’, which would promote mutual understanding among people and countries.”


In May 2014, the Russian Chess Federation selected its President, Andrey Filatov, as a candidate for the post of Vice President of the International Chess Federation. The decision was unanimously approved by the Russian Chess Federation’s Supervisory Board. The Congress of the General Assembly, the supreme legislative and executive body of the FIDE, will elect Vice Presidents immediately after the election of the President.

This would be the first time that a Russian candidate has been elected rather than appointed. According to FIDE rules, a Vice President may also be appointed by the elected head of the organisation, or be elected as a part of the President’s team. Andrey Filatov has been nominated as an independent candidate in a democratic election. The Congress delegates will consider his candidacy and take a vote.

Lithuania & St Petersburg win gold medals at FIDE World Senior Team Chess Championship 2014

The FIDE World Senior Team Chess Championship 2014took place on 13-21st July at the Vilnius Town Hall, Didžioji g. 31, LT-01128 Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Championship consisted of two sections:
- Section 1 with 18 teams: Open tournament for teams with players 50+, including women’s teams with players 50+ which have separate ranking and prizes
- Section 2 with 10 teams: Open tournament for teams with players 65+

The tournament format was 9-round Swiss system and each team consisted of 5 players (4 boards + 1 optional reserve).

In the Section 1 (50+) Lithuania took the gold medal in convincing fashion by winning eight matches and allowing only one tie. England is silver with 15 points, while Rositsan ir Maccabi Lithuania won the bronze.

Russia Women finished third in overall standings, on tie-break ahead of Rositsan ir Maccabi Lithuania, to win the gold medal among women’s teams. Georgia Women are silver, while Latvia Women took the bronze.

In the Section 2 (65+) Saint Petersburg-Russia are the champions with 17 points, after leaving the main Russia team one point behind. Latvia took the bronze with 12 match points.

All teams were listed here / Replay games with analysis / Official website

World Senior Team Chess Championship 2014, S65+

Final standings with match points (game points):
1. Saint Petersburg-Russia – 17 (28.5)
2. Russia – 16 (29)
3. Latvia – 12 (18.5)
4. Austria – 11 (19.5)
5. Switzerland – 8 (18.5)
6. Denmark – 8 (14.5)
7. Milsa-Lithuania – 8 (14.5)
8. England II – 5 (13.5)
9. Oranje-Netherlands – 4 (12.5)
10. England – 1 (11)

World Senior Team Chess Championship 2014, S50+

Final standings with match points (tie-break):
1. Lithuania 1 – 17 (272.5)
2. England 1 – 15 (228.5)
3. Russia Women – 12 (196)
4. Rositsan ir Maccabi Lithuania – 12 (150)
5. Logika Lithuania – 11 (179.5)
6. Moldova – 10 (156.5)
7. Georgia Women – 9 (173)
8. Finland – 9 (97)
9. Latvia Women – 9 (95)
10. Latvia – 8 (134.5)
11. Marijampole Lithuania – 8 (124.5)
12. Scotland – 8 (107.5)
13. New Zealand – 8 (100)
14. England 2 – 8 (96.5)
15. Norway – 8 (96)
16. Denmark – 5 (80)
17. Lithuania Women – 3 (72.5)
18. Lithuania 3 – 2 (65.5)

Tie Break: Olympiad-Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break without lowest result (Khanty-Mansiysk)

Seven-way tie in MetLife Najdorf Warsaw Chess Festival 2014

The 2014 edition of MetLife Miguel Najdorf International Chess Festival took place on 14-20th July 2014, at the Palace of Culture and Science in the Polish capital Warsaw.

The first place was shared in a seven-way tie by GM Tigran Petrosian (Armenia), GM Vasif Durarbayli (Azerbaijan), GM Aleksandr Shimanov (Russia), GM Bartolomej Macieja (Poland), IM Vitaliy Bernadsky (Ukraine),GM Vladimir Fedoseev (Russia) and GM Michal Krasenkow (Poland) on 6,5/9 points each.

However, the Armenian Grandmaster Petrosian took the trophy and the first prize of 5.000 €, provided by MetLife – the general sponsor of the tournament.

Official website

Replay the games with analysis

GM Petrosian, GM Durarbayli, GM Shimanov

Top standings after 9 rounds:

1 GM Petrosian, Tigran L. ARM 2629 6.5
2 GM Durarbayli, Vasif AZE 2590 6.5
3 GM Shimanov, Aleksandr RUS 2644 6.5
4 GM Macieja, Bartłomiej POL 2607 6.5
5 IM Bernadskiy, Vitaliy UKR 2550 6.5
6 GM Fedoseev, Vladimir RUS 2668 6.5
7 GM Krasenkow, Michal POL 2623 6.5
8 GM Markowski, Tomasz POL 2572 6.0
9 GM Kempinski, Robert POL 2597 6.0
10 GM Sandipan, Chanda IND 2597 6.0
11 GM Rozentalis, Eduardas LTU 2603 6.0
12 GM Miśta, Aleksander POL 2609 6.0
13 GM Ragger, Markus AUT 2639 6.0
14 GM Duda, Jan-krzysztof POL 2580 6.0
15 GM Beliavsky, Alexander G SLO 2631 6.0
16 GM Dragun, Kamil POL 2518 5.5
17 GM Melkumyan, Hrant ARM 2647 5.5
18 GM Vovk, Yuri UKR 2591 5.5
19 IM Raznikov, Danny ISR 2500 5.5
20 GM Agdestein, Simen NOR 2637 5.5
21 GM Olszewski, Michał POL 2553 5.5
22 IM Kanarek, Marcel POL 2471 5.5 etc

Computer Chess – Film screening at Oval Space, London

“Computer Chess is a supremely intelligent, beautifully constructed film, interweaving comedy and character, satire and subtext, and loaded with more ideas than some filmmakers manage in a lifetime.” – Time Out

Synopsis: Set over the course of a weekend tournament for chess software programmers circa 1980, Computer Chess transports viewers to a nostalgic moment when the contest between technology and the human spirit seemed a little more up for grabs. We get to know the eccentric geniuses possessed of the vision to teach a metal box to defeat man, literally, at his own game, laying the groundwork for artificial intelligence as we know it and will come to know it in the future.

The film by Director Andrew Bujalski will be screened at 8.30pm next Tuesday 29th July, at The Pickle Factory – located opposite Oval Space at 13-14 The Oval E2 9DT in London, UK.

Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets £6 in advance or £7 on the door.

OS Cinema

A chronicle of blind moves

A chronicle of blind moves
By Shyama Krishna Kumar
Published: 23rd July 2014 09:07 AM
Last Updated: 23rd July 2014 09:07 AM

BANGALORE: In 2006, Ian Mcdonald, an independent filmmaker, happened to read a small newspaper article about a tournament for visually impaired chess players in Kerala. The report captured his imagination and a couple of years later there began a three-year-long journey that culminated in the making of the award-winning documentary, Algorithms. "I was not able to follow the report at the time as Geetha, my producer, and I were finishing a short documentary on Kalaripayattu. So I cut out that report and kept it in my wallet, where it stayed for two years before we began to research it. It was then that we discovered a thriving but hidden community of visually impaired chess players. Curiosity turned to amazement. I then knew that this was a film that I just had to make," says Ian.

Algorithms tells the story of a group of boys who dream of becoming chess masters, driven by a man with a vision, Charudatta Jadhav. And on July 24, Vikalp, a film collective, will screen the documentary at Everest Talkies at 7 pm, in an effort to popularise independent films from all over the world in Bangalore.

Ian, Geetha J and team shot Algorithms for exactly three years - starting with the National Team and Junior Chess Championship for the visually impaired in Mumbai in January 2009 and finishing with the National Junior and Women Chess Championship in January 2012.

"We amassed around 250 hours of footage, which took us over a year to edit into the 96-minute film that it is today. Also, chess matches often last up to four hours, and we needed to shoot a lot of matches," he says.

On working with a director like Ian, Geetha says, "Ian has immense patience and he is an intuitive cinematographer. Both qualities have been central to Algorithms. Funnily, Ian and I met during a conference on international solidarity against globalisation in Mumbai. Neither of us had made independent films - I had worked in television. And Ian had made short research films on physical culture and sports mainly for his teaching. When we got together, it kind of made it possible for us to articulate what we wanted to do with the medium — something more artful, something more meaningful. Algorithms is our first feature length documentary."

Geetha applied to all kinds of funding bodies to get the film up and running.

"But we were knocked down. Some were willing to come on board if we did a ‘quick’ film — wrap it in a year. It is risky to fund a three-year shoot, but that is what Ian wanted to do and we could not have done a film on the blind chess community in any other way. And so I would say this is a loan budget film," she says.

Like all good art, the film has changed the duo for the better. "I began to rethink what it means to see, and question the limitations of eyesight and understand the importance of foresight. I learnt from these chess players.. the importance of vision — to really see is to see beyond. There is a bizarre paradox here, the blind were actually teaching me, a sighted person, what it really means to see," says Ian.

Geetha agrees and says that making the film has made her a calmer person. "And less reliant on sight. Algorithms will always remain very close to my heart. It means a lot to us that the boys, their families, coaches, players, schools, tournament organisers and the All India Chess Federation for the Blind have believed in us and trusted us absolutely. Also, FIDE, the world chess federation, helped us a lot in taking the film forward. We are very grateful to them as their support has been so unconditional," she says.

Algorithms will be screened by Vikalp Bengaluru at Everest Talkies in Fraser Town on July 24 at 7 pm.


11th Susan Polgar Girls’ Invitational

The 11th Annual Susan Polgar Girls’ Invitational chess tournament, held July 10-15 at Webster University, wrapped up on Tuesday, July 15, in an unprecedented three-way tie.

The co-champions include top-seeded Kimberly Ding of New Jersey, Natasha Morales Santos of Puerto Rico and Neeshmy Nunez Gonzales of Costa Rica.

Ultimately, rules of FIDE, the International Chess Federation, determined the SPGI winning order. Therefore Ding took first place, wining a four-year all-tuition-and-fees scholarship to Webster, worth $100,000.

Morales Santos, who has played chess for only three years and also is legally blind, won second place, earning a four-year, $14,000 per year scholarship to Webster. Nunez Gonzales came in third, winning a four-year, $12,000 per year Webster scholarship.

Morales Santos will represent her home country of Puerto Rico at the 41st World Chess Olympiad, to be held Aug. 1 through 15 in Tromso, Norway.

Webster chess coach Susan Polgar (left) and President Beth Stroble (right) congratulate the co-champions of the 11th Susan Polgar Girls’ Invitational: Kimberly Ding of New Jersey, Natasha Morales Santos of Puerto Rico and Neeshmy Nunez Gonzales of Costa Rica.

Organized by Webster chess coach Susan Polgar, the tournament drew 56 girls from states across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, as well Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.The six-day event is considered the most prestigious all-girls chess event in the U.S.

A partnership between Webster University and the Susan Polgar Foundation, the six-round championship tournament awards more than $200,000 in chess scholarships and prizes.

Access more photos in this post and at Webster’s Facebook page.

Another story, “Webster University Nurtures the Future of Women’s Chess”, is online at, the site of the World Chess Federation.

Important Olympiad Information


1-14 August 2014, Tromso, Norway


1. Deadline for the submission of the Fixed Board Order (FBO):

19:00, 1 August

The “Fixed Board Order” shall be delivered to TAP by the following ways:

(a). by e-mail to the TAP Chairman IA Ashot Vardapetyan (e-mail: The e-mail must be stamped and signed.

(b). upon arrival in the Tromso Airport, to volunteers who will be there for this purpose.

(c). before the start of the Opening Ceremony in Skarphallen, to TAP Members or volunteers, who will be there for this purpose.

The attached form may be used.

2. Announcement of the 1st Round Team Pairings:

24:00, 1 August

The pairings will be posted on the Official website, on the Chess-results website and in the Hotels.

3. Deadline for the submission of the 1st Round Team Compositions:

09:30, 2 August (before the start of the Captains’ Meeting).

4. Announcement of the 1st Round Board Pairings:

11:00, 2 August

5. Start of the 1st Round:

15:00, 2 August

6. Rounds 2nd to 10th:

(a). Announcement of the Team Pairings: 22.00 (of the previous day, after the end of the previous round).

(b). Deadline for submission of the Team Compositions: 09:30 (of the day of the round).

(c). Announcement of the Board Pairings: 10.30

(d). Start of the Round: 14.00

7. Round 11th (last, 14th August):

(a). Announcement of the Team Pairings: 22.00 of 12th August (after the end of 10th Round).

(b). Deadline for submission of the Team Compositions: 22:00 of 13th August (free day).

(c). Announcement of the Board Pairings: 23.00 of 13th August.

(d). Start of the Round: 11.00 of 14th August.

(e). Closing Ceremony: 20:00 (Skarphallen).

2014 SPICE Cup - $5,000 1st prize

2014 SPICE Cup Open

Sponsored by Webster University
and the Susan Polgar Foundation

St. Louis, Missouri
October 21-26, 2014

GM/IM norm opportunity - Minimum rating (FIDE) 2100
Limited to first 50 entries (Free entry to all players FIDE > 2300)

4 IM/GM norms earned in 2012
1 IM performance/2 GM norms earned in 2013

Time Control: G/90 + 30 second increment from move 1

$13,000 guaranteed (up from $11,000 last year)

U/2400 FIDE $500-$250-$125
U/2300 FIDE $500-$250-$125
Top Female $500-$250

October 2014 rating will be used

Limited FREE hotel accommodation (double occupancy) at the Crowne Plaza available to foreign GMs.


Free to all GMs, IMs, WGMs and all FIDE rated players over 2300 (must complete all 9 rounds), if registered by September 30, 2014. $50 later or on site.

$150 to FIDE 2200-2299, $200 to FIDE U-2200 if received by September 30, 2014. Additional $50 later or on site.


Crowne Plaza Clayton Hotel 7750 Carondelet Ave, St Louis, MO 63105 (FREE shuttle from the Lambert–St. Louis International Airport) $109/night, FREE Breakfast/Internet

For reservations guests can call directly to 314-726-5400 or 1-800-439-5719
Group Name is SPICE Cup or on line at Crown Plaza Hotel.
Group Code is SPZ

Send entries to:

Webster University - SPICE
470 E. Lockwood Ave
St. Louis, MO 63119

Questions or registration for titled players: Email: or call 314-246-8075


Tuesday, October 21
5:00 pm - Round 1

Wednesday, October 22
10:00 am - Round 2
5:00 pm - Round 3

Thursday, October 23
10:00 am - Round 4
5:00 pm - Round 5

Friday, October 24
5:00 pm - Round 6

Saturday, October 25
10:00 am - Round 7
5:00 pm - Round 8

Sunday, October 26
10:00 am - Round 9

All Rounds played at the Crowne Plaza Clayton Hotel

5th Iberoamerican Individual Chess Championship 2014 LIVE!

British Chess Championship 2014 LIVE!

Politiken Cup LIVE!

Minsk Open 2014 LIVE!

47th Biel / Bienne Chess Festival 2014 LIVE!

Gelfand vs Svidler match LIVE!