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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Practical chess tactic

White to move. How should white proceed?


SPICE Cup round 2 pairings

Round 2 pairings

1 Guðmundur Kjartansson (2439) Liem Le (2706)
2 Ray Robson (2628) David Recuero Guerra (2424)
3 Ruiz Sanches (2429) Vasif Durarbayli (2624)
4 Razvan Preotu (2405) Daniel Naroditsky (2601)
5 Fidel Corrales (2532) Kiewra Keaton (2391)
6 Joel Banawa (2350) Kayden Troff (2532)
7 Manuel Leon Hoyos (2512) Vitaly Neimer (2344)
8 Justin Tan (2346) Denes Boros (2468)
9 Daniel Gurevich (2314) Priyadharshan Kannappan (2460)
10 Akshat Chandra (2488) Alex Richter (2016)
11 Samuel Sevian (2484) Michael Langer (2168)
12 Gauri Shankar (2296) Jeffrey Xiong (2470)
13 Jayaram Ashwin (2468) Nicolas Checa (2266)
14 Reinaldo Vera (2449) Awonder Liang (2253)
15 Alexander Betaneli (2265) Jake Banawa (2306)
16 Ilya Nyzhnyk (2613) Nolan Hendrickson (2211)
17 Ruifeng Li (2365) Matthew Larson (2182)
18 Raymond Kaufman (2341) Hans Jung (2149)
19 James Voelker (2159) Safal Bora (2328)
20 Angelo Young (2315) Sanjay Ghatti (2120)
21 Kostya Kavutskiy (2307) Florentino Inumerable (2101)
22 Nicholas Rosenthal (2074) Sean Vibbert (2302)
23 Leif Pressman (2301) Luisa Mendoza (1982)
24 Sarah Chiang (2015) Erik Santarius (2296)
25 Doug Eckert (2228) Thalia Cervantes (1868)

SPICE Cup round 1 results

Round 1 results

1 1 Liem Le (2706) 0 Raymond Kaufman (2341)
2 0 Safal Bora (2328) 1 Ray Robson (2628)
3 1 Vasif Durarbayli (2624) 0 Angelo Young (2315)
4 1 Daniel Naroditsky (2601) 0 Kostya Kavutskiy (2307)
5 0 Sean Vibbert (2302) 1 Fidel Corrales (2532)
6 1 Kayden Troff (2532) 0 Leif Pressman (2301)
7 0 Erik Santarius (2296) 1 Manuel Leon Hoyos (2512)
8 1 Denes Boros (2468) 0 Doug Eckert (2228)
9 0 Nolan Hendrickson (2211) 1 Andre Diamant (2465)
10 1 Priyadharshan Kannappan (2460) 0 Matthew Larson (2182)
11 1 Guðmundur Kjartansson (2439) 0 James Voelker (2159)
12 0 Hans Jung (2149) 1 Ruiz Sanches (2429)
13 1 David Recuero Guerra (2424) 0 Sanjay Ghatti (2120)
14 0 Florentino Inumerable (2101) 1 Razvan Preotu (2405)
15 1 Kiewra Keaton (2391) 0 Nicholas Rosenthal (2074)
16 1 Joel Banawa (2350) 0 Sarah Chiang (2015)
17 0 Luisa Mendoza (1982) 1 Justin Tan (2346)
18 1 Vitaly Neimer (2344) 0 Thalia Cervantes (1868)
19 1 Daniel Gurevich (2314) 0 Ilya Nyzhnyk (2613)
20 1 Alex Richter (2016) 0 Ruifeng Li (2365)
21 ½ Akshat Chandra (2488) ½ Gauri Shankar (2296)
22 ½ Nicolas Checa (2266) ½ Samuel Sevian (2484)
23 ½ Jeffrey Xiong (2470) ½ Alexander Betaneli (2265)
24 ½ Awonder Liang (2253) ½ Jayaram Ashwin (2468)
25 ½ Michael Langer (2168) ½ Reinaldo Vera (2449)
½ Jake Banawa (2306) BYE

Huge upsets in Tashkent Grand Prix, Caruana loses with white to MVL

Round 1 results

1 GM Giri, Anish 2768 ½ - ½ GM Gelfand, Boris 2748 12
2 GM Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar 2764 0 - 1 GM Andreikin, Dmitry 2722 11
3 GM Nakamura, Hikaru 2764 1 - 0 GM Jobava, Baadur 2717 10
4 GM Caruana, Fabiano 2844 0 - 1 GM Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 2757 9
5 GM Kasimdzhanov, Rustam 2706 ½ - ½ GM Jakovenko, Dmitry 2747 8
6 GM Radjabov, Teimour 2726 ½ - ½ GM Karjakin, Sergey 2767 7

Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival 2014

Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival 2014 (Barcelona, Spain)
Sunway Playa Golf Sitges Hotel & Spa is pleased to announce that it will host the first Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival 2014 from December 13th to December 21st, 2014, with a total of 19.700 € in cash prizes to be distributed among over 100 players.

The hotel

Sunway Playa Golf & Spa is the site of the 2014 Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival. Located on the Promenade of Sitges (40 km. south of Barcelona), the hotel is situated in front of the sea and beside the golf club, in the residential quarter of Sitges.

The hotel has 2 swimming pools (one of them heated), a gym, terraces, jacuzzy, two restaurants in front of the sea – the only ones on the promenade of Sitges directly overlooking the Mediterranean sea – convention centre, car park and inside garage, etc. It also has a small but very useful supermarket for its guests. The hotel also has a Spa and a beauty center equipped with massage rooms, saunas and steam baths with spectacular views, etc. There are obviously multiple halls where chess matches will take place during the festival.

All apartments and rooms are air-conditioned, have satellite TV, phone and free 24 h. Internet connection (wireless and DSL), and are prepared to try to make the guest relax and feel at home while enjoying his stay in Sitges. Almost all rooms and apartments have a great sea views or golf and sea views.

Anti-King's Indian & Grunfeld System: The Barry Attack - GM Aaron Summerscale ... and more

Crushing White with the Schliemann Gambit

Pawn Chain Configurations: Pawn islands 2

Posted on October 21,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Classic Games (Pre 2010), General Chess Articles. Today, we continue the topic of pawn islands using examples of one simple and one difficult ending. It is often fair to state: "the ending is drawish, but the chances are not equal." In other words, the struggle is for two results only, and the weakest party still has to work hard for a draw. In my duel against well-known Russian grandmaster (a "terror" of the Apennine Peninsula) we can observe a transformation of advantage. The number of isla[...]

Crushing White with the Schliemann Gambit

Posted on October 20,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. Try busting The Lopez! In this video, we see GM Sam Shankland presenting a repertoire based on meeting 1.e4 e5 for Black aimed at the club player. Coverage starts after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 when GM Shankland recommends the Schliemann variation, but played in a more classical way, aiming to take advantage of the extra central pawn in the long term instead of seeking immediate confrontation. Sam lets us know the Schliemann is a good opening and why[...]

Anti-King's Indian & Grunfeld System: The Barry Attack - GM Aaron Summerscale

Posted on October 17,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. Taming the d-Pawn Sidelines with the Barry Attack! Avoiding Black's favorite lines in the Queen Pawn openings is Aaron's goal in this presentation, and he provides nice moves for White to play to achieve this. He starts by showing a way to trick KID players into a Pirc, and then continues with delaying e4, choosing Nc3 instead, and demonstrating good White plans in the Barry Attack. Aaron shows that The Barry Attack with Bf4 is logical and a dan[...]

Learn From Your Fellow Amateurs 2 - NM Dana Mackenzie

Posted on October 15,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. The Desperado! Learn From Your Fellow Amateurs 2 - NM Dana Mackenzie, from the ChessLecture series. Fernandez - Shell, Florida, 2006, is targeted toward beginner and intermediate ability who are looking to learn about the main line of the Sicilian. Dana continues learning from amateurs and the exciting Sicilian Najdorf, featuring "The English Attack" with Be3, for which Dana gives us a clear and simple plan for White. The middlegame becomes very[...] is a producer of thousands of free chess articles and free chess videos by FIDE chess masters. They recently released the renowned Empire Chess series that has been taking the chess world by storm. Please consider checking out their chess blog and chess shop with tons of free updated previews.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2nd Annual Greater Midwest Class Championships

The 2nd Annual Greater Midwest Class Championships will take place on 28-30th November at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg Hotel – 1800 E Golf Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA.

The prize fund is $12,000 based on 200 full paid entries, with $9,000 guaranteed.

Format: 5 Round Swiss System in 5 sections with a 3-day and 2-day schedule!

Parking: Free Parking – across the street from Woodfield Mall

Schedules: 3-day Game-90 + 30/sec incr; 2-day Game-45 w/5-sec delay Rds 1-2 then merge in Rd 3.


--Master / Expert (2000/up): $1500-1000-700-600-500, top U2300, U2200, U2100 $400 each. FIDE rated.
--Class A (U2000/Unr): $700-600-500-300-200. FIDE rated.
--Class B (U1800/Unr): $700-600-500-300-200.
--Class C (U1600/Unr): $500-300-200-100-50.
--Class D and below (1399 and below/Unr): $400-300-200-100-50.

Prize Limits: Unrated may not win over $100 D, $200 C, $300 B, or $400 A.

Entry Fee:

--$99 online or postmarked by 11/1
--$109 online or postmarked by 11/15
--$119 thereafter.
--$129 onsite
--No checks at site, credit cards OK.
--Club Group Discount Special – 5 entries for the price of 4 if all in the same envelope by early registration cut-off (11/1).
--Re-entry $50.
--Play-up 1 section – $25.

Schedule Information:

--3-day schedule: Reg. ends Fri 6:30 pm, rds. Fri – 7pm, Sat/Sun 10am and 3:30pm.
--2-day schedule: Reg. ends Sat 10:30 am, rds. 11am, 1pm then Merge with 3-day in Rd 3.
--Bye: up to 2. Last rd bye must commit by end of Rd 2 and not retractable.

Side Events:

--Game-3 + 2/sec increment Blitz (USCF/FIDE rated) Saturday 8:00pm - $20 EF, 75% entries returned as prizes
--1-day Scholastic tournament - $30 by 11/15, $40 thereafter and onsite. 4R-SS Game-30 w/5-sec delay. Open, U1000, U600 sections. Trophies 1st – 5th each section, participant ribbons for all players. Onsite reg until 9:30am, Rd 1 at 10am with remaining rounds to follow ASAP.

Hotel Information: $84-84, 847-696-1234, reserve by 11/15 or rate may increase.


--Postal Mail: ChessIQ, 4957 Oakton Street Suite 113 Skokie IL 60077.
--Questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it |'>| on tournament days only 847-274-1352.

Other information:

--Boards, sets, and clocks provided for the main event. None for skittles.
--November rating supplement used.

Aronian plans to compete in chess World Cup in Azerbaijan

Armenia’s Aronian plans to compete in chess World Cup in Azerbaijan
15:59 AMT, October 21, 2014

Grandmaster Levon Aronian—who is third in the World Chess Federation (FIDE) rankings and who plays first board for the three-time World Chess Olympiad champions and the former World Team Chess champions Armenia—is considering participating in the chess World Cup 2015, which will be held in the Azerbaijani capital city of Baku.

“An important development [occurred during FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s recent] visit to [Armenia’s capital city of] Yerevan. Levon Aronian will participate in the World Cup 2015 to be held in Baku.

“He informed about this at the [formal] dinner [reception] which [Armenia and Chess Federation of Armenia President] Serzh Sargsyan organized,” tweeted Berik Balgabaev, Assistant to the FIDE President.

Chennai GM Tournament

The 7th Chennai International Open Grandmaster Chess Tournament will take place from 30th December, 2014, to 6th January, 2015, at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai, India.

The event will consist of three sections:
- Category A (for players rated over 1900), 10-round Swiss, 90 Minutes each plus 30 seconds increment from move 1
- Category B (under 1899), 10-round Swiss, 60 Minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move 1
- Category C (under 1599), 10-round Swiss, 30 Minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move 1

Total cash prize fund is Rs. 14, 00, 000/- (approx 18,000 EUR), with 2600 EUR reserved for the winner of Category A.

Last year winner was ultra-talented Aravindh Chithambaram

Category A

Players having the FIDE rating of 1900 & above (as on 1st December,2014) only are allowed to participate in this event however, General Secretary can allow four promising youngsters from Tamil Nadu with the rating below 1900 at his discretion.

1st Rs. 2,00,000/- 7th Rs. 30,000/- 13th Rs. 11,000/-
2nd Rs. 1,50,000/- 8th Rs. 20,000/- 14th – 15th Rs. 10,000/-
3rd Rs. 1,15,000/- 9th Rs. 15,000/- 16th – 20th Rs. 9,000/-
4th Rs. 85,000/- 10th Rs. 14,000/- 21st – 30th Rs. 8,000/-
5th Rs. 60,000/- 11th Rs. 13,000/- 31st – 50th Rs. 7,000/-
6th Rs. 40,000/- 12th Rs. 12,000/-

Please note that a Tax @ 20.6% (as per Indian income tax regulations ) will be deducted from the prize money to be awarded to Foreign Players.

Entry Fee:
For GMs, IMs, WGMs, WIMs – Free
Rated 2400 & above Rs. 3,000/-
Rated 2300-2399 Rs.4,500/-
Rated 1900-2299 Rs. 6,000/-
Maximum entry for Tamil Nadu players Rs. 5000/- (No lodging will be provided for the Chennai and adjoining district players)
The last date of entry: 19th Dec 2014
Entries with late fee of Rs. 500/- 20th Dec 2014 to 25th Dec 2014

Entries may be sent by DD favouring Tamil Nadu State Chess Association payable at Chennai.
Address for sending the entries to: Tamil Nadu State chess Association, Room No.75, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Periamet, Chennai 600003. Phone: 04425384477, E-mail: Website:

All GMs will be provided free hotel accommodation on double sharing basis.
All IMs/WGMs/WIMs will be provided free hotel accommodation on double/triple sharing basis.

For further assistance please contact:
Tamil Nadu State Chess Association, Hall No.75, JN Stadium, Chennai 600 003. Ph.04425384477,
Mr. S. Paul Arockiaraj, International Arbiter, Mob : +91 98404 58484
Mr. V. Vijajayaraghavan, International Arbiter, Joint Secretary, TNSCA. Mob : +91 94881 66077
Mr. R. Srivatsan, International Arbiter, Treasurer, TNSCA, Mob : +91 99520 47594
Mr. K. Thirukkalathy, International Arbiter, Asst. Treasurer, TNSCA. Mob : +91 9444215703
Mr. T. Jagadeesh, Joint Secretary, Chennai DCA, Mob : +91 95510 46464

FIDE President visits the new chess school in Tashkent

On 20th of October before the opening ceremony of Grand Prix in Tashkent, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, together with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Adham Ilkhamovich Ikramov, Chairman of the Chess Federation of Uzbekistan Alisher Saidabbasovich Sultanov and First Deputy Minister of Sport Muradzhan Bakievich Aliyev visited the new specialized youth chess school recently opened in the center of Tashkent. The school includes training rooms, playing halls, dining room and other facilities.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Adham Ilkhamovich Ikramov and FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

International Conference Chess in Schools in Yerevan

International Conference Chess in Schools in Yerevan
Conference official website

From 16 to 18 October, 2014, an International Conference “Chess in Schools” was held in Yerevan, Armenia, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, the World Chess Federation (FIDE), as well as the Armenian Chess Federation and the Chess Academy of Armenia, in cooperation with the Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Khachatur Abovyan.

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and President of the Republic of Armenia, President of the Armenian Chess federation, Serzh Sargsyan welcomed the participants of the conference.

Academic Board of the conference:

- GM Smbat Lputian, Vice-President of the Armenian Chess Federation, Founder and President of the Chess Academy of Armenia
- Ruben Aghuzumtsyan, PhD in Psychology, Professor, Head of Chair of Psychology of Management, Public Administration Academy of RA
- Vladimir Karapetyan, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor of Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan
- Heghine Khachatryan, Docent of Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan
- Hasmik Khalapyan, Doctor of Philosophy in History, Academic Director of Armenian Virtual College
- Samvel Misakyan, Methodologist, Mathematician, Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan
- Kristine Tanajyan, Sociologist, Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan

Chess has become a mandatory subject in the primary schools of Armenia since 2011

Anand eliminated in Corsica

2014 SPICE Cup LIVE!

SPICE Cup round 1 pairings

Round 1 pairings

1 Liem Le (2706) Raymond Kaufman (2341)
2 Safal Bora (2328) Ray Robson (2628)
3 Vasif Durarbayli (2624) Angelo Young (2315)
4 Daniel Gurevich (2314) Ilya Nyzhnyk (2613)
5 Daniel Naroditsky (2601) Kostya Kavutskiy (2307)
6 Sean Vibbert (2302) Fidel Corrales (2532)
7 Kayden Troff (2532) Leif Pressman (2301)
8 Erik Santarius (2296) Manuel Leon Hoyos (2512)
9 Akshat Chandra (2488) Gauri Shankar (2296)
10 Nicolas Checa (2266) Samuel Sevian (2484)
11 Jeffrey Xiong (2470) Alexander Betaneli (2265)
12 Awonder Liang (2253) Jayaram Ashwin (2468)
13 Denes Boros (2468) Doug Eckert (2228)
14 Nolan Hendrickson (2211) Andre Diamant (2465)
15 Priyadharshan Kannappan (2460) Matthew Larson (2182)
16 Michael Langer (2168) Reinaldo Vera (2449)
17 Guðmundur Kjartansson (2439) James Voelker (2159)
18 Hans Jung (2149) Ruiz Sanches (2429)
19 David Recuero Guerra (2424) Sanjay Ghatti (2120)
20 Florentino Inumerable (2101) Razvan Preotu (2405)
21 Kiewra Keaton (2391) Nicholas Rosenthal (2074)
22 Alex Richter (2016) Ruifeng Li (2365)
23 Joel Banawa (2350) Sarah Chiang (2015)
24 Luisa Mendoza (1982) Justin Tan (2346)
25 Neimer Vitaly (2344) Thalia Cervantes (1868)

American Continental Championship 2014 LIVE!